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2017 Scholarship Recipients Top Row Left to Right: Ava Smith, Sarah Sharpe, Ethan Hahn, Megan Treadway, Rebekah Ewing
Middle Row Left to Right: Cindy Ennis, Christin Brookshire, Hayden Wilson, Alex Farris, Christopher Drum, Ben Hagaman, Braeden Personius, Brooke Hall, Kristin Damron
Bottom Row Left to Right: Cortney Hildebran, Selby Baughman, Kaylee Huffman, Brianne Lockee

Scholarship Programs

The CFBC Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to individuals pursuing education through various scholarship funds. These funds have been established by generous donors, including individuals, families, organizations, and corporations from our community.

Each scholarship has unique requirements.

Recipients are selected on a competitive basis, considering academic and non-academic factors and demonstrated financial need. Many of the funds target students from specific areas of interest to the donor, including successful performance in high school, high school attended, and academic or career focus.

Review the list for available scholarships, specific application criteria and deadlines. For additional information, contact Nancy W. Taylor by nwtaylor@cfburkecounty.org or by phone (828) 437-7105.


2017 Recipients
Selby Baughman
Emily Bordeleau
Christin Brookshire
Kristin Damron
Christopher Drum
Cindy Ennis
Rebekah Ewing
Ross Farris
Benjamin Hagaman
Ethan Hahn
Brooke Hall
Cortney Hildebran
Kaylee Huffman
Brianne Lockee
Courtney Medina
Francisco Mateo Miguel
Julia Valasquez Miguel
Caroline Norton
Braeden Personius
Elijah Propst
Sarah Sharpe
Emily Shuford
Ava Smith
Whisper Smith
Maxwell Teffeteller
Megan Treadway
Hayden Wilson

2016 Recipients
2015 Recipients
2014 Recipients

2013 Recipients